The Amorphous Blob

The Amorphous Blob, threat royale to the human race.
What is it? Who is it? Where is it? Why is it? When is it?
What is it made of?
Where did it come from?
When does it melt?
Is it bigger than a bread box?
Is it growing?
Does it leak?
Where does it go for fun?

Where does it go to eat? Where does it go to KILL? Chow. Much. Consume. Man-jay. Devour. Destroy. Conquer. Bite. Make one with.

The Plot: Weird man makes trash bag like creature. Creature gets his heart broken and starts to eat humans. Humans panic and write folk songs about creature. Only weird man can stop carnage and rescue humanity. Climactic Batlle Sequence.

Influences: 40 years of disaster movies, Bunraku puppet theater, field biology, and the musical, "Oklahoma!"

Solo Performance, but I'm thinking it would make a great musical.

  • First performed in Professor Lowry Marshall's Solo Performance Class at Brown University, Spring 1997.
  • Produced at Venue 9, San Francisco, 1998
  • Produced at Seattle Fringe Festival, 1998

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