The Making of a Great Moment

Aysan Celik and Danny Scheie

Mona, I fear that one day, this play will destroy us.

Terry, I hope that one day, this play will remake us.


We shall see who is right, Mona Barnes.

Yes we will, Terry Dean.

For show time is almost upon us.

Yes. It is almost show time.

In New Hampshire.

Mona Barnes and Terry Dean are on a momentous journey with an important mission: Tour the world the bicycle and bring humanity together with the power of theater. Both accomplished actors from Victoria, Canada the two believe fiercely in the importance of their artistic craft and its ability to send a powerful message. Their show, Great Moments In Human Achievement, attempts to reveal the interconnectedness of Humanity through its wide array of innovations and successes. It is usually well received. This is their passion, and Mona and Terry are very committed to delivering the most solid, professional theatrical experience they possibly can.

But our spirited heroes are faced with numerous obstacles to achieving their goal: technical limitations of their performance venues, unruly audiences, bad writing, broken bicycles, difficult terrain, blisters and back pain, the lack of laundry facilities or occasionally place to sleep and, of course, the challenge of being in close proximity, for many many many many days.

But the greatest challenge to their mission is existential, a growing feeling of doubt and questioning: Why are they doing this? Why have they chosen to do what they do? Does it have impact? Does anybody care? Is their life's work worth the effort or should they give up? As their tour grinds forward the strain and questions only mount as they reckon with the scope and significance of their own lives...What will Mona and Terry's Great Moment be?

Originally written for and starring Aysan Celik and Danny Scheie
Directed by Sean Daniels

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Merrimack Repertory Theatre, Lowell MA
January 4 - January 29, 2017

Z Space, San Francisco
July 26 - August 26, 2017

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