I'm not impressed by the video quality of my phone. Not enough pixels. I don't think it sufficiently captures the true essence of the beasts that surround me in the full splendor of their normality. But are they normal, really? Italically really? If I were to slice into their skin, what mysteries would I discover? Deep, dark, bloody regrets and fetishes and anomalies exploded, grotesqued, calcifying like spurs of weirdness on their spine?

If there's anything I've learned from my mom it's that all adults hide things.

Maybe this shall be my mission. I will be the Diane Arbus of this building. These neighbors:
(Tableau: The four neighbors, just slightly off from neutral poses)
My retards.

On a summer devoid of friends, money and fun, a teenage girl starts a blog about her apartment building. Using photography, recordings, and research she begins to pry deep into the lives of those that surround her. The deeper she goes, the more secrets emerge, and what begins as a lark starts to become dangerous.

Handy Positive Press Pullquotes for TIC!!

"Nachtrieb's script is packed with comic creativity, and the Encore cast fills out his offbeat caricatures to rib-tickling perfection. Ken Prestininzi's smartly staged production filled the Magic Theatre with laughter" - Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

"Vastly Entertaining! Ken Prestininzi, who finds the right rhythms for the farcical underpinnings and has guided his cast to complement the dialogue with amusing fillips, working on James K. Faerron's simple but effective set. The cast of the Encore Theatre Company production is uniformly excellent." - Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter

"[A] stunning new play brilliantly directed by Ken Prestininzi and cast with actors playing at the top of their game...Nachtrieb has a keen eye for popular culture as lived on the streets and subdivided properties of San Francisco, where people are willing to give up much privacy and a fair share of dignity to hang on and live la vida urban in the city that is the spiritual home of cable cars and Rice-A-Roni." - Pat Craig Contra Costa Times

"See if it doesn't capture for you a certain time and place, specifically a certain here and now. Its lunacy is hilariously and suspiciously spot-on." - Rob Avila SF Bay Guardian

3M 3F

  • World Premiere, Encore Theatre Company, Winter 2009
    Directed by Ken Prestininzi with Arwen Anderson, Anne Darragh, Lance Gardner, Michael Shipley, Liam Vincent, Rebecca White.
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