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"...Funny, sassy and often penetrating...Nachtrieb has a keen eye for the ridiculous excesses in American culture and a finely tuned ear for comically contorted or flatly self-absorbed locutions." - Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

"Those with a global view and an NPR membership would say Peter Sinn Nachtrieb has his finger on the pulse of the suburban zeitgeist. Since it's just us, though, let's say Nachtrieb knows what's under the stadium blanket in the Volvo, and behind the plantation shutters." - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

"At its core, it is a wickedly funny look at the mechanics of a truly twisted family, each searching for happiness in all the wrong places. Colorado is a must-see." - Alex Mohajer, The Daily Californian

Because "Hunter Gatherers" was so good, we expect certain things from "Colorado": big laughs, twisted subject matter and a provocative surprise or two. Nachtrieb is a skillful writer, and the new play delivers on all counts..." - Chad Jones, Oakland Tribune

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