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First of all, welcome to all of you who just Googled "Nachtrieb" and found this website. HI! I'm a Nachtrieb too! Are we all descended from that guy who got shot in the back in Nathrop, Colorado? Do we share telltale nasal features? If only Nachtriebs voted for President, who would win? Are we red state or blue state blood? Who's that Nachtrieb guy who sells audio tubes? I have no idea what audio tubes are, but a Nachtrieb sells them. And there's a Nachtrieb Volleyball star, and a Nachtrieb wrestler, A Nachtrieb priest, Nachtrieb artist, and a Nachtrieb anti-abortion protester. Any other gay Nachtriebs? Perhaps I should not Google Nachtrieb so often.

It's harder to find Sinns on line. I think there are more Sinns in general, and often googling Sinn gets you lost in Ireland, when I really want to be in Germany, where my Sinns are.

And, apparently, this image has made it to Google Images and is now being posted on bulletin boards and myspace, but using my bandwidth. Nice, guys. If only it was a decently done animated gif.

Anyhoo, for the latest goings on, upcoming events, tales of greatness, click here

About Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
lengthier than you wish it to be

Peter, 6'6", was born a month late, off Geary St. in San Francisco, and grew up in Mill Valley (that's just north) After a generally positive experience in Montessori school early on, middle school was traumatic, and he still has a hard time forgiving some of the people who tormented him between 6th and 8th grades.

This trauma, in addition to (still) providing a vast quanity of material for writing, also propelled him to seek a creative outlet in which to vent his frustration. For Mr. Nachtrieb, this outlet was musical theater. Turns in Oliver, The Wizard of Oz (3 times, twice as tinman), Peter Pan, Bye Bye Birdie and, of course, Annie (he did not play Annie) followed, only providing more ammunition for his middle school tormenters.

High School at Marin Academy represented a turn for Mr. Nachtrieb: Greater social acceptance, and performing in plays without songs. Hitting the big time early, Mr Nachtrieb got some big parts freshman year, earning him cred within the alterna-hippy highschool he went to, and also earning him exposure to his first multiple beer experience at a cast party. Further years at Marin Academy (plus a tour to Russia with Peace Child) only intensified the love for theater, and expanded his horizons to writing and directing. A big shout out to teacher Phoebe Moyer, for being so frikkin amazing.

Mr. Nachtrieb then headed off to Brown University to deepen his love for theater, his love for biology, and to realize that he was gay. The gay part happened when, in a production of West Side Story where he played Riff, he realized that all the other Jets were gay. As their leader, perhaps he was too. In an unusually weak move, Mr. Nachtrieb decided to try bisexuality first, resulting only in a few awkward moments and immense confusion from his mother. After several years, Mr. Nachtrieb adjusted his Kinsey Scale.

In addition to acting, it was at Brown that Mr. Nachtrieb first developed the bug for playwriting (though the larva was planted early on by his rhymingly pun-brilliant father/lawyer/playwright). Inspired by such wonderful playwriting grad students such as Dennis Davis, Gina Gionfriddo and Madeline Olnek, Mr. Nachtrieb began penning his own work. The results included writing two solo shows in the incredible acting classes of Lowry Marshall, writing sketch comedy for Brown group Out of Bounds, and his first one act, Thread. During the same period, Mr. Nachtrieb interned for a Marine Biologist in Panama, watching fish spawn before dawn for 90 days straight in warm caribbean waters, and his hair bleached blond for a time. It is very possible that it was this trip where he acquired an amoeba which would then nestle in his liver for years causing him to become severely ill 1999-2000.

Anyhoo, Mr. Nachtrieb graduated with a degree in Theater and Biology, and moved back to the SF Bay Area, where he has resided ever since. An early major project includes the collaboration with his brother George on the making of a low budget indie film, Welcome Space Brothers, written and directed by George, shot in 1999 and just recently completed! And he spent a lot of time writing and performing comedy sketches with a group called Killing My Lobster (the reason it's called that is actually not a terribly interesting story). And he performed a solo show called The Amorphous Blob. In 2002, Mr. Nachtrieb entered the SF State MFA Playwriting program, and earned his MFA in Creative Writing in 2005. And he's written a lot of plays since then.

He wrote a play called Meaningless, and then a play called Colorado and then a play called Multiplex and then a play called Hunter Gatherers and then a play called boom and the a play called T.I.C. (Trenchcoat in Common) and then a play called BOB: A life in five acts and then a play called Litter: The True Story of the Framingham Dodecutuplets and then a play called The Totalitarians, and a play called A House Tour of the Infamous Porter Family Mansion with Tour Guide Weston Ludlow Londonderry and a play called The Making of a Great Moment and he's working on a musical called Fall Springs. He's working on a couple more.

In addition, Mr. Nachtrieb dabbles in excercise, bike riding, visiting his mom in Marin, reading non-fiction, and scratching his head in a way that is not efficient, but it's how his father scratched his head, so...

He currently lives in the sunny Mission district of San Francisco with his wonderful more-than-a-boyfriend, Mark.


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