Great Theatrical Organziations Who Have Been Nice to Me
A Great Film
Welcome Space Brothers
Written and directed by my brother, George (and featuring/co produced by me).

Great Shit
rotating pricelessness by people I could know. I haven't updated this in YEARS!!!! ACK
All the Way Home
Documentary about returning Vets made by my bro Ed Nachtrieb.

YD Industries
Products you need.

Strindberg and Helium
What else to add.

Aesop for all ages
Songs written by my sister, Anne, and my dad, Dad.

Online queer lit mag

Online playwright megalisting

Sikumi (On the Ice)
Awesome movie made by friends!

Great People
you should like them too
Thessaly Lerner
Champion! Sim! We won an acting competition in high school.

Gabriel Fleming
America's Next Top Model.

Prince Gomolvilas
playwright, band promoter, emophiliac.

Brian Perkins
multi-disciplinary genius.

Will Dunne
Great Playwriting teacher/consultant/playwright

Kevin Shay
novelist, playwright, humorian

Jen Kollmer
playwright fabulosa.

Melanie Case
actress fabulosa.

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