Hunter Gatherers on Top 10 Lists of 2006

HIGHEST RATING "Exceptionally entertaining theater...Outrageously libidinous knockabout farce meets penetrating social satire in Peter Nachtrieb's hilariously revelatory comedy. An almost two-hour laugh riot... A major achievement for the company and playwright alike, an engaging, astute, no-taboos comedy of contemporary manners that skewers the moral, artistic, spiritual, gourmet and even back-to-nature pretensions of our society." - Robert Hurwitt, Read The Full San Francisco Chronicle Review

"Mankind's eternal, internal war between civilizing gentility and primitive instinct gets a bluntly funny workout in the four-hand dinner-party explosion of Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's "Hunter Gatherers." [Nachtrieb's] in possession of a genuine talent for queasy absurdism that produces generous flashes of original off-kilter wit." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

"[A] riotous new comedy...As sophisticated in its worldview as it is barbaric in its energy." - Chloe Veltman, SF Weekly

"Wickedly funny and wildly innovative...[a] stunning comedy that nails the Gen X adult ethos squarely and proves Nachtrieb to be one of the freshest new theatrical voices going." - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

"a stunning, human and wonderfully funny study of what happens when emotions and personal dynamics are stripped down to its most basic and raw. 3 1/2 Stars!" - Tiffany Martini, SF Examiner

"In current cinema there's something awfully pious about the idea of finding one's purpose; while the Titanic sinks, the quartet plays on and even hypothermia is beautiful. But the characters in Hunter Gatherers are guided by something much more limbic. If they were passengers on the Titanic, we get the feeling they'd be having a last-minute orgy in the captain's quarters after having killed and eaten him." - Ingrid Hawkinson, KQED

"Perverse brilliance...While you may come away from Hunter Gatherers without much of an appetite, you'll certainly feel alive too. - Nirmala Nataraj, SF Station

"(Like) a mash-up of the most brutal episode of Wild Kingdom and any episode of South Park; an impressive first foray by the Lobsters into full-length play territory." Karen McKevitt, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"The wonderful script is aided and abetted by a first-class cast, dynamite directing, and terrific tech. WOW!" -Tom Kelly, SF Bay Times

"A dazzling dark comedy that will have you howling in the aisles." -Richard Connema, Talkin Broadway

"There are so many twists and turns in this play that you never know what is going to happen next. But, be assured that every surprise is a total delight. I could see that play on a weekly basis and never get bored...Definitely the Breakout hit of the summer" -Buzzin' Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron

"Boils over with food lust, carnal secrets and violence" - SF Chronicle
Read Maureen Bogue's SF Chronicle article about the show!

"Nachtrieb is a craft conscious playwright with an observant eye and a cruelly sharp tongue. Hunter Gatherers is like watching a traffic accident in slow motion: you may hate what's happening but you can't take your eyes off. And you can't stop laughing either." - Martin David from the Cool as Hell Theatre Podcast

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